Green & Pink Yuppie

Here's a nice, all around simple design.  Great for infants up to adults!!

Pink & Black Bling

I LOVE this design.  Pink, black, a bit of whit, and sparkle.  Great combination!!

Purple Vintage

Cool purple rosettes with gold button accents!  This is a very unusual design, but I got so many compliments when I wore one similar out to a party!!


Christmas Rosette

Here is a rosette piece I made and attached a poinsettia flower to accent the colors in the design.  Red satin rosette, black & white polka dot rosette, green ribbon roses, and a green button and a red rhinestone bling accent!!


Two Designs Showed Off by a Cutie Pie

Here are two hair accessory designs that I made for my friend, Amber's, daughter, Vivian.  She's about 7 months old, and loves these!!  I hope you do, too...

Little Flower Elastic Headband = $5.00

Korker Ribbon Mini-Rubberband  $4.00

Holiday Clippies

So, I went crazy making these clippies/headbands during October/November/December.  Do you like? :-)  They are on alligator clips and spring release clips...

$5.00 each

First Design

So, I have seen so many of these gorgeous rosette and mixed media hair accessories, that I have gotten into making them.  It is definitely addicting.  Here is my first piece (I made for my sister).  Her dog bit her headband and broke part of the mirrors on the band.  So, I covered it up with these gorgeous silver rosettes, feathers, ribbon, and a button!  It's called 'SISTER DEAR'...

$12.00 each for headbands


My name is Kim, and I am a stay at home mom to my little dude, born in May 2008.  It is the most difficult job that I have ever had, so I take SOLACE in crafting and creating new things.  I have gotten into making hair accessories for adults, and numerous items for children.  I will be posting pictures and information on all of these in the future.  I will also be posting information on how to purchase these items.

Please leave comments.  I enjoy constructive criticism, and positive feedback.  I learn from both!  I hope you enjoy my posts, the items I create and will be selling, and getting to know me...