Breakfast, Lunch & Snack Ideas {Free Printable}

My husband drives me crazy always asking me what can I give the little guy for breakfast, what's for lunch, little guy wants a snack.  Well, I've concocted a few little documents with the breakfasts, lunches, and snacks that my kiddo likes and that we usually have in the house most times...

I print & laminate these so they can be easily crossed off if we don't have the items at hand.  It's really nice when you have a picky kid because you can give them a choice.  And, if you're the one that does all the shopping, then other people in your household will know what is available for them to eat.
(My husband always says that he can't choose what to eat because he doesn't know what we 'have'!!  Now he knows...)

Here are the printables:


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Pin Me Linky Party at Diana Rambles

I was so excited when Diana over at Diana Rambles selected me to be a co-host of her linky party while she's on vacation!!
Visit her blog and link up your creative blog posts, like recipes, crafts, ideas, or DIYs.

Thanks again, Diana, for including me in your linky party this month!!

Grocery List {Free Printable}

I love this grocery list!  I needed to update it relative to our family now and the groceries that we normally pick up.  I hang it on the fridge with magnet and have a pen hanging next to it.  All we have to do is check mark the item we need/have run out of...  Easy as that!!  Then, I make a separate grocery list for shopping off of this list...

Items Needed:

Print Out this [Grocery Check-Off List]

Binder Clips

Scissors or Paper Cutter

Cardboard (like a piece cereal box)


Drill with 1/4” drill bit

2 screw posts, any size


Hot Glue

Here is what I did:
I printed out about 15-18 pages of the Grocery Check Off List.  I got a cereal box, a ruler , and 2 small binder clips ready, too!

 I used a paper cutter to split the two sides of the Grocery Check Off List in half, but you could use scissors, too.
I cut out a little piece of cardboard (bottom right) to fit over the top of the list.  This piece is there to support the posts that are going through the list to keep everything together.  I scored it by folding it over in 2 places to fit the width of the amount of papers I printed out.  I also cut out a piece of cardboard for the back of the list for a bit of support.
I put the back piece of the cardboard on first, then the little piece (that I scored) went over top of that.  I put on the binder clips sideways to hold everything together while I drilled 2 holes through the top of the papers.  Then, the screw posts (I got mine at O.S.H.) go through those holes and are tightened together.  Then, I hot glued magnets on to the back of my list, and I was DONE!!  Put it up on the fridge!!

PS: I got this idea at Infarrantly Creative.


I am a week late on posting about the Summer Survival Challenge I am following over at Hello Mornings.  Just like Jenni at that blog, I am having trouble planning and staying motivated for this summer planning.  This 2013 Summer Schedule is such a great resource of ideas, etc.  However, I think what I will be doing is just using it as a source of ideas for when I get stuck with what to do on 'empty' summer days.  I'm still going to complete the homework that Hello Mornings is prepping for us.  After that, who knows?  I'll definitely keep updating, though... :)

Here was Week 3's homework (direct from Hello Mornings):
1) Be Summer Organized Training Session
Supply a backpack for each of your kids and use the worksheet to teach them how to think through what they need for a trip and have them pack for themselves.
2) Brainstorm Mom Time Activities
In order to keep things running smoothly, you’ve got to recharge your personal battery.
3) Team up with Other Moms
Pick a few friends with kids and send out an email about doing a few kid swaps, group outings, play dates or other activities and get some dates on the calendar! Outings are always easier and more fun when you take along a few (adult) friends.  {That's for darn sure!!}
4) Local Research
Start searching in your area for free or low-cost activities to do with your kids.  Start a list of all the local things that look fun to try and start filling in your calendar.
5) June Calendar
Armed with all your great worksheets along with four copies of the Summer Weekly Planner, map out your June calendar.

I am not sure how I will get with this, but I hope to get most of this organizing done before our family starts its official summer on June 10th!!

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Influenster Review: IVORY 2 in 1 Hair & Body Wash

I was lucky enough to get approved for this free Influenster Ivory 2-IN-1 Hair & Body Wash full sized sample.  {Go to the Influenster Facebook page to see a short video on this Ivory product.}

I prefer bar soap myself, but I thought I would open my 'soap-y' mind to something other than what I normally use.  In comes the Ivory 2-in-1 wash.  I received the Refreshing Scent (turquoise bottle).  It actually does smell very nice and clean, but not too perfume-y.  I used it both as a body wash and a shampoo.  Using it as a body wash was great, not too drying.  However, I really did not like the way it left my hair feeling after I used it as a shampoo.  I have short, color treated hair.  It just didn't work well with my hair 'issues'.  I have to use a conditioner, too, and the conditioner aspect of this product just didn't cut it.

The convenience is a good thought, the smell is nice.  But, it's not a product for me.  I may hand it over to my husband to see how he likes it.  If it were tear free, I'd try it on my 5 year old...

So, I will not purchase this product for me.   I do appreciate Ivory and Influenster giving me a chance to try it out.  And, I've always loved Ivory bar soaps!!  Check out Ivory's Facebook page...

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Blogger Mentoring Program

So I somehow came across this wonderful opportunity for bloggers through One Artsy Mama.  It's called Growing Together.  I just signed up today and I am hoping that I am able to get a space in this session.

I highly recommend that you go and look at this great opportunity if you want to learn more about blogging.  Here's how it works (from the blog):

1. You sign up.  All you have to do is fill out the form at the bottom of this post. 

2. The course begins June 30 and runs through September 14.

3. Each week, Amy will send out an email sharing insight about a particular topic and giving an "assignment" for participants.

4. Participants complete the assignments and receive one-on-one feedback from me, as well as the opportunity to discuss with each other in a private Facebook group.

The one-on-one mentoring from a blogger {Amy} with 1900+ blog followers and almost 5000 Facebook friends is pretty awesome.  During this course, participants will learn about Blog Design, Branding, and Blog Promotion/Growth.

So, hop on over to One Artsy Mama's blog and sign up for this challenge.  I bet it will be very useful and insightful! 

Let me know if you'll be joining the course, and we could chat!!