I'm Back: New and with a Thank You!!

I have definitely been out of the blogging loop for several months.  I keep saying that I will blog more often, post more, etc.  Well, I decided that I am going to do just that (again!)... 

With that said, I decided to change the purpose of my blog just a bit.  I am a mom to one, a makeup lover/hoarder, a DIYer, a dog person (2 yellow labs, of course), among much more.  So, I am going to blog about a little bit of everything now. 

Also, I am addicted to Pinterest.  So, I plan to post entries of "What I finished on Pinterest".  I hope you like that series.  I think I will be doing that once a week.  Completing the things I pin on Pinterest is so fun!  It makes me feel accomplished (at least for that week)...

Last, I want to say a HUGE thank you to Tiffany over at Blabbering Thoughts for including me in a Beauty Box exchange.  I am sad to say that I thought there was something "strange" going on; but, you have to understand that this was my first swap and I read so many negative happenings about other swaps.  I guess I should have not volunteered to swap if I felt that way.  But, in hindsight, I am glad I did because I received  a MAGNIFICENT "End of Summer" box from Nicole over at Nicole's Revolution.  Nicole, thank you so much for sending me such a wonderful and fun box of beauty stuff!!  I love all of them!!

Look at these pictures:

Here are the items that were in this amazing box...
*a purple, cheetah print nail file
*a deluxe sample of Benefit's High Beam (I have ALWAYS wanted to try this!!) :)
*a deluxe sample of Benefit's Stay Don't Stray
*Sephora Nail Polish in Drama Velvet Pearl (a gorgeous orange color)
*Sephora Crystal Gloss in Golden Embrace
*a Freeman Goji Berry Facial Hydration Mask
*AND, a Tokidoki Vegas Arte Palette that has 4 eyeshadows and 1 blush!!!!!!!!!!!  WOW!!!!!!!!

Okay!  Isn't this a fabulous gift?  Again, I am so sorry that I thought this swap was some kind of ruse.  I feel so guilty...  But, I hope I have redeemed myself through this entry and to the gal I sent my swap box to, Marissa.  Go to Blabbering Thoughts to see the boxes that the other participants received. :)

Again, Marissa and Tiffany, thank you for your patience and understanding...


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