Summertime Pantry Challenge 2013: GOALS

So, this is my first time doing a Challenge like this one, and the first part of the Challenge is to make goals.  Here are my goals for these next 2 weeks--well, pretty much the next month. 


1.     Inventory the pantry, the freezers (we have two) and fridge.

2.   To make and keep a large percentage of our meal plans to what we have on-hand.

3.   Make meal preparation lists (i.e., meal plans).

4.   To lower our grocery spending.  

5.   Eat as much as we can out of the freezer in the garage.

6.    Try to buy more fresh fruit and veggies.

7.    To eat breakfast & lunch at home / or BOO (bring our own), if we go somewhere.

I want to hear about your goals!  Post them below...  I'll keep you updated on mine!


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