Our Sick House Nees to be Decontaminated

We have been sick here for too long!  My son got sick during his first week at Kindergarten {of course, I said to myself; it's a germ fest in school}.  And, I finally got some antibiotics for me for what was found to be strep throat.  My mom told me she's not feeling well (we see the grandparents A LOT).  Then, we get word from my son's pediatrician that all the revolving sickness has brought some worsening to his asthma, and that is why he's coughing like crazy.  On man!!  My poor little guy, my poor mom, and POOR ME! :(  This is exactly what I wanted for my 40th Birthday (yep, it was on 9/11)!!

Well, I am feeling so much better with these antibiotics.  I mean these started working within 4-5 hours that I took them!  WOW!!  Now that I'm feeling better, I think it's time to put a tent over this sick hole and decontaminate it!!  No, not that 'harsh', but definitely a deeper cleaning than normal. 

I went to the Internet to see what I could do.  Here is what I found:

1.  The most important thing is to wash all of the sheets, blankets, towels immediately!  Even clothes, too.  You might have a giant pile of laundry to fold, but....  On top of that, I think I am going to run the 'naked' pillows through several minutes in the high heat of the drier.

2.  Get rid of your toothbrush OR disinfect the head of the toothbrush in hydrogen peroxide.

3.  Wash all of your dishes in HOT water or the hottest setting in the dishwasher.

4.  Use disinfectants (like Lysol, vinegar & water mix, hydrogen peroxide, tea tree [meleleuca] oil)--whatever your preference--on everything anyone could have touched everywhere, including door knobs, handrails, switches, etc.!!

KITCHEN = refrigerator/freezer/dishwasher handles, door/cabinet handles, light switches, stove/oven handles, water spigot, tabletops, chairs, floors??, trash cans (if you can manually open them), etc.   Then, take out the garbage...

BATHROOM = door handles, light switches, the whole flippin' toilet seat (under, over, + around), the toilet flusher, the tub & sink water spigots, the floor, and anything else you may have that I haven't thought of.  Then clean the garbage can, and take out the garbage...

BEDROOM/LIVING ROOM = (any room the sickie was in, sterilize it)  phones, t.v. switchers, door knobs, light switches, chairs, recliners, toys, bed, vacuum or clean floor, window handles, etc.  The, take out the garbage.

When you're all done with that, maybe wipe down your car as much as you can (steering wheel, door handles, buckles, etc.), then dump some Lysol all over you and jump in the shower to sterilize yourself from whatever yuckies you cleaned just up!!  Do you think I am serious??  No, people...  But, if you want, go and take a shower.  It will make you feel better...

So, I guess this could be called a "Fall Cleaning" instead of a Spring Cleaning.  And, remember to please not go nuts trying to get all of the germs out of your house.  In my germophobia days, I used to think it was possible.  But, now with a Kindergartener, I realize that is highly unlikely to happen. :(  I know, it'll be ok.  Don't stress.  It's not worth it.  Your family is just getting better.  No more unneeded stress... :)

Now go get a Flu Shot!!  And, WASH your hands!! :)

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