Halloween Banner

So, I have been encountering all of these cute holiday banners through blogs and Pinterest.  Our fireplace mantle looked kind of boring this Halloween season, so I decided to try to make a theme banner for Halloween.   I took ideas from several different posts and pins, so I don't really have a specific one to direct everyone to...

Here is the finished look:

The letter backings are just black and orange scrapbook paper.  I cut the shapes with a bracket die cut in a Big Shot.
The letters are pre-cut vinyl letters I purchased at Michael's.  They are 2" in size.

The Frankenstein head was cut from a bright green piece of scrapbook paper I had laying around.  I cut that in a triangle--no pattern--in proportion to the die cuts.  His hair is a jaggedly cut out piece of black scrapbook paper.  His bolts are made from 4 little, rectangle pieces of gray scrapbook paper that I taped with Scotch Tape.  I glued 2 medium sized gray rectangles I cut out from the same paper as the bolts; then, I drew in the pupil with a black marker.  Last, I free-hand drew his scars on with a black marker.

Then, I punched out 2 holes in top, center of each die cut/letter.  I strung a small diameter, satin rope (using a ribbon would definitely be cute, too) through the punch outs, leaving room for Frankenstein.

Finally, Frankenstein was hung on the banner with 2 tiny green clothespins that I got from my sister in law.

I didn't really hang the banner on the mantle; I put it under the heavier things that were already on the mantle to secure it.  I am sure you could secure with tape, Command products, a nail in the wall, etc.

I sure hope everyone enjoyed this tutorial!  I just had an inkling to make it when I saw all of these different, cute ideas and I ended up with this!  If I can do it, anyone can... :)  If you have a holiday banner, let me know!  I always love new ideas.

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  1. That's what Halloween banners are all about, it helps increase the feel of the whole holiday. It's the best part of all the decoration when you add some fabric banners melbourne to spice things up a little bit. Everyone will surely have fun.

  2. You are right! Banners just add a little something more to the holiday! Thank you much for stopping by!