Monster Patch Jeans

I have seen a TON of different versions of these monster patch jeans.  Since it it Halloween season, I thought it would be a cute idea to make them for my son.  Lo and behold, he had a pair of holey jeans!!  (And, always the right knee...)  Here is how I made them, and I don't sew! :)

Supplies Needed:
A pair of Holey Jeans
White Felt
Red Felt
Navy Thread
A needle
Pinking Sheers

1.  Cut away as many pieces of string from the hole as you want.
2.  Cut a red felt piece slightly larger than the hole you are working with.
3.  Cut teeth with pinking sheers, in the shape you'd like.  (I did them pointy.)
4.  Cut triangles (or circles, or ovals) with pinking sheers for the eyes.
5.  Put the teeth on top of the red piece of felt, towards to top of the hole.  (Here, I used a bit of fabric glue to hold the teeth on while I sewed the patch on.)  Put on the inside of the jeans and adjust to where you'd like the patch.
6.  Use a needle and navy thread to sew around the hole, making the thread as noticeable as you can.  That is the beauty of this project: you HAVE to sew messily!!
7.  Put the eye shapes above the mouth and sew them on the jeans with an 'X' pattern.

That's it!!  Easy as pie!  Let me know if you've tried this type of project or not.  I'm curious to see yours!!

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