Wreath Madness!! {Peeps Wreath}

OK, after I completed the Egg Wreath, I came across another wreath idea on Pinterest--the Peep Wreath.   Mosey on by my Spring Pinterest Board and check out some of the other ideas I pinned.  They all looked pretty interesting, but I thought that I could take inspiration from the ideas and make my own version of a Peeps Wreath. And, boy, did I ever!

Please, please feel free to take the look of my wreath and run with it yourself! I love helping people find their creative side, and hope this inspires you, too!!

First and foremost, you should not use the green floral foam wreath forms!!  While I was researching the project, I came across someone who used a floral foam wreath and it broke into pieces after they finished!  Oh, I felt so bad for them, but they were able to glue it back together!!  Phew...  So, that's why I started with a white Styrofoam wreath (about 8").  I wrapped it with white 2" ribbon.  I don't usually wrap my wreaths with ribbon, though...

So, my supplies were:
1.  An 8" Styrofoam wreath
2.  2"  ribbon to wrap the wreath with, if needed
3.  Chick Peeps (I chose to use all of the Peep colors: pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, & purple, but you can be monochromatic if you'd like).  I bought about 20 packages of 5 Peeps chicks.  The bunnies were in packages of 4, and the chicks are in packages of 5!!  So, that's why I decided to use chicks instead of bunnies...  Also, I had approximately 4 packages left over.
4.  Glue gun & glue sticks
5.  Ribbon for hanging

First, I wrapped the ribbon around the wreath where I wanted to make the hanger, and I glued it in place.  I glued the chicks facing the same way in rainbow order on the face of the wreath.  Then, I glued the chicks on the outside of the wreath, trying to match up the order on the front of the wreath.  Next, I glued the chicks on the inside of the wreath, again trying to match up the color order.  I chose this pattern because I didn't want any of the white marshmallow stuff to show...  Last, I tied a bow around the hanger part of the ribbon.  That's it!!

Let me know if you made a wreath for Easter or Spring.
Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!!


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