Homemade Air Freshener Tutorial

I've always LOVED to have smelly candles or cute air fresheners around the house.  But, since my son came along, I kind of put all that by the wayside because I didn't want to have him get into any of those chemicals, etc.  So, when I saw THIS post about making your own air freshener, I got super excited!

Items needed:
1.  Baking Soda
2.  Your Fave Essential Oil
(I chose Orange Oil because we love citrus-y stuff in our house)
3.  A mason jar
4.  A hammer and nail or awl
(I had an awl in my craft 'tool' area, so I used that)
5.  Your own label for the jar, if you'd like
6.  Packing tape to attach that label.

So, put the baking soda in the mason jar--about 1/2 full.  Then, add 15-20 drops of the Essential Oil.  Screw the entire lid onto the jar, and hammer several holes in the top with the hammer an awl/nail.  Add the label to the front and you are done.

There after I made a few of them and scattered them around the house, I found that they really did not help "freshen up" any home areas much.  I wasn't pleased with the result, and will not make any more of these again. :(

Did anyone make their own air freshener that actually worked? 
If so, let me know...


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