Sacramento: Monster Jam Re-Cap

Wholey Moly!  A great time was had by all!!  I didn't realize how cool these monster trucks were.  Their over inflated tires make them look like they're toys!  But they are sooooo NOT!  I didn't know this, but there are so many electronics, controls, safety masers, etc., that these drivers have to follow and do that it's crazy.  They took one guy out because his electronics malfunction light was on just to be safe (see the orange truck below with the red light on the top left of the window).  I think doing that is great!  They take so many precautions at this event to keep the drivers and fans safe.

I also liked that this event was so patriotic and thankful for the men and women that serve our country both in the military and law enforcement.  One of the monster trucks was Captain America!

There were several 'competitions' during the show.  The trucks went head to head, individual, freestyle, etc.  Here are some pictures of the monster trucks in action:

BOUNTY HUNTER crushin' some cars!!


TIMEFLIES flying high!

I'm BATMAN!! (Poor guy biffed it at the end and rolled his truck.  But, he was OK!!)

One of the side events was this lady, who gets into a giant canon and gets blasted to the other side of the arena.  Her name is CanonLady!  Super cool!!

All in all, this was a super fun event.  My son was a bit nervous at first, but warmed up to it and was so enthralled at the giant trucks jumping and squishing cars.  His friend loved it, too!  My husband and I felt like kids again, and that doesn't happen much nowadays. :)

Thanks to Feld Entertainment, Karen Bakula PR and Sac Bloggers for giving us this opportunity!  It was fun, fun, fun!

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