My TOP 5 Organizing Web Sites

I hope to start the New Year off on the right foot with decluttering our home and organizing the things that are left.  Having clutter around me is a huge downer to my motivational skills.  I am just sick and tired of living in 'messy' every day; it makes me stressed, sad, and sometimes downright mean because I feel like I am not in any control.

So, I have been searching through websites, blogs, and articles on decluttering and organizing.  I have come up with my own Top 5 sites and thought I'd share them with you!! :)

1.  IHeartOrganizing: Jen over at IHeartOrganizing has the skills and design know-how I dream of.  I just stalk her blog and take some of her ideas and tweak them.  I just finished this DIY Storage Box project I found on the blog, and will be posting soon!

2.  ZenHabits is a truly interesting website.  The set up is different, but the information is wonderful.  Get used to the layout and help rid yourself of clutter (and chaos).

3.  Home Storage Solutions 101: this is a great resource for decluttering and household management. I love this quote from this blog, "Clutter robs us of peace, tranquility, time, and enjoyment, and instead gives us stress. "

4.  Unclutterer: is a website that offers posts on decluttering and organizing.  They also have funny reviews...

5.  Home Your Way/Organizing Your Way/etc.: has something for everyone.  Here, bloggers write about all thins organizing.

So, with all of my purging, putting away Christmas stuff, etc., I am pretty overwhelmed.  Calgon, take me away!!

Thanks for stopping by!  Good luck to you in your New Year Chaos Clearing, too!

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