Yes, yes...  It has been awhile since of posted.  But, I hope to be more consistent now.

But, the reason I am going to be much more consistent is because of this weekly challenge for the summer that I found through the Confident Mom Facebook page.  It turns out that Jenni over at Hello Mornings blog is going to be breaking the Confident Mom 'summer planner' for us, so that we can p.l.a.n. an enjoyable summer!!

So, we will be having weekly homework (I do miss school somewhat??, so this should be doable).  The first action item is to block out 1 hour of time each week for the next three weeks of assignments.  So, I am going to use 10 minutes per day, for each of the 7 days.  I plan on completing 1 homework assignment per day--it's only 10 minutes of my time...  I can do my "time" in the bathroom--a well needed break out of my hectic days!!

The first week's assignments are:
1.  {Monday}  Read the entire The Confident Mom’s 2013 Summer Survival Calendar
2.  {Tuesday}  Assess and tighten your current schedule--make space
3.  {Wednesday}  Complete the Quiet Time activities worksheet 
4.  {Thursday}  Complete the Important Summer Dates worksheet
5.  {Friday}  Complete the Ideas for Summer Fun worksheet
6.  {Saturday}  Complete the Summer Goals worksheet
7.  {Sunday}  Determine goals on the Standard Operating Procedures and Expectations worksheet

Wow!  That's all for this week...  I'll keep checking in on the progress of my 'summer journey'.  Let me know if you're going to do this plan or something similar!

Thanks for stopping by...

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