Busy Bottles for Kids {DIY}

For the Summer Survival Challenge I am doing, a part of it suggests that we make a quiet time activities list for our children.  I made a good list of activities that I will have upcoming (DIY) posts on...  Some of my ideas were: file folder games (DIY); puzzles; Leap Pad or iPod; felt boards (DIY); beading-pipe cleaners, yarn, etc. (DIY); writing and letter tracing; coloring and drawing practice; sorting games (DIY) and Unifix cubes.  My last idea was something that I saw on a Sensory Processing website awhile back: Busy Bottles.  Not only were they fun for me and my son to make.  But, he enjoys looking at them and 'finding' what items are in there (like beads, buttons, pom poms, etc.).

Here are all of the things you will need for this project:

Small Plastic bottles
(I found these bottles at our local CVS pharmacy.  They had a sweet kids drink in them, so I just dumped it our and removed the label)

A variety of colorful, water resistant type of items: rhinestones, beads, glitter, pom poms, pearls


Hot Glue Gun

1.  Empty the bottle(s) and be sure it is clean and not sticky. 
2.  Put the colorful items and glitter in the plastic bottle(s).
3.  Add water, but leave a bit of room at the top.
4.  Twist top onto the bottle and make sure it's tight.
5.  Hot Glue the cap onto the bottle.

That's it!!  This is a fun thing for kids to look at and keep them quiet (for a few minutes, at least) because they helped you make it.  The kiddos just LOVE to play with things that they helped make.

Have you ever made a busy bottle?  Oh, have you tried making a vortex out of two 2-Liter plastic soda bottles??  Here is where you can purchase the connector to make one:

Easy Peasy!

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  2. What a fun idea to do for the kids.