Grocery List {Free Printable}

I love this grocery list!  I needed to update it relative to our family now and the groceries that we normally pick up.  I hang it on the fridge with magnet and have a pen hanging next to it.  All we have to do is check mark the item we need/have run out of...  Easy as that!!  Then, I make a separate grocery list for shopping off of this list...

Items Needed:

Print Out this [Grocery Check-Off List]

Binder Clips

Scissors or Paper Cutter

Cardboard (like a piece cereal box)


Drill with 1/4” drill bit

2 screw posts, any size


Hot Glue

Here is what I did:
I printed out about 15-18 pages of the Grocery Check Off List.  I got a cereal box, a ruler , and 2 small binder clips ready, too!

 I used a paper cutter to split the two sides of the Grocery Check Off List in half, but you could use scissors, too.
I cut out a little piece of cardboard (bottom right) to fit over the top of the list.  This piece is there to support the posts that are going through the list to keep everything together.  I scored it by folding it over in 2 places to fit the width of the amount of papers I printed out.  I also cut out a piece of cardboard for the back of the list for a bit of support.
I put the back piece of the cardboard on first, then the little piece (that I scored) went over top of that.  I put on the binder clips sideways to hold everything together while I drilled 2 holes through the top of the papers.  Then, the screw posts (I got mine at O.S.H.) go through those holes and are tightened together.  Then, I hot glued magnets on to the back of my list, and I was DONE!!  Put it up on the fridge!!

PS: I got this idea at Infarrantly Creative.


  1. Love this. I just made one for myself that is similar a little while ago. I repined your post and I can't wait to see what you have to link up <a href=">this week!</a>